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My Wellness

Mywellness is a free app that allows you to book classes and track your workouts, storing your data into your personal mywellness cloud.
Banks O' Dee Fitness - My Wellness Cloud Download

Record your indoor and outdoor workouts.
Access your activity data.
Track your results and review progress.
Record and review body measurements.
Link to popular health and fitness apps and devices.
Book your favourite classes 7 days in advance.

Sign-up to Mywelnness

Sign-up by clicking on the following link and install the app:

PLEASE NOTE If you have installed the app directly from your app store and sign-up without using the unique link above, you won’t be able to book classes straight away as the app won’t recognise you are trying to link with Banks O’ Dee and you will be required to attend the club and link with the Mywellness kiosk in order to book classes.

Book Classes VIA MyWellness

If you already have the Mywellness you can book all your classes via the app and receive notifications to remind you. 

You must be linked with the club to do this.  Please visit the Mywellness kiosk within the club to become linked.

View the class timetable and manage your bookings all within the app.

If you don’t have the app, sign-up to my wellness using the link in the next panel.

Already Signed-up?

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