Ryan Reid

Looking for a Personal Trainer with a difference? Well look no further! As a child I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes where I spent many years around Nutritionists and Doctors, learning how to manage my condition through nutrition and fitness. Since then, I decided to push myself to learn what I could do to manage my condition and live a healthier lifestyle but back in 2016 I was also diagnosed with celiac disease. With my various health conditions, I can relate to those of you with who have their own health problems. I understand the setbacks life can throw at you but I have also found a way to conquer them. I can help you do the same. As a youngster I have always been involved in sports from playing football in under 18s teams to martial arts such as kickboxing, MMA and Ju-jitsu. I am following a plant based diet due to health conditions and I am currently studying with Mac-Nutrition University which means I will be a Registered Nutritionist allowing me to help you not just in the gym but in the kitchen too!

Skill Set

Group Exercise Instructor


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