zone class – are you working hard or hardly working?

Are you training at the right intensity for your fitness goals? Unsure? Using a heart rate monitor not will not only tell you your heart rate during exercise and at rest but it will allow you to know and track if you’re training within the right training zones for your goals. It can also be […]

body balance

Body balance, what is it? Body balance is a Yoga based class that will not only improve your body but your mind and life.. Using inspired soundtracks, to bend and stretch incorporating moves of Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates. Learn to control your breathing with all exercises. Beginner and advanced options are available, making it […]

Les Mills GRIT – Now Yours On Virtual

WHAT IS LES MILLS GRIT? GRIT is a 30 minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Considered one of the fastest ways to take your fitness to the next level, GRIT improves cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle while sending calorie burn through the roof. THE 3 variations OF GRIT CLASS GRIT Cardio – Using just your […]

4 week Fitness Bootcamp starts March 2019

4 week outdoor bootcamp style workout with initial body fat scales measurement ENTRY • Members go Free • Non-members – £20 for the full camp Why do an outdoor bootcamp? • Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine • Effective for fat loss, improving fitness and stress management • Adaptable for all levels of fitness • […]