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GRIT is a 30 minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Considered one of the fastest ways to take your fitness to the next level, GRIT improves cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle while sending calorie burn through the roof.

THE 3 variations OF GRIT CLASS

GRIT Cardio – Using just your body weight, this workout improves cardiovascular fitness, increases speed and maximises calorie burn. GRIT Cardio provides the challenge and intensity you need to get results fast.

GRIT Strength – You will use a mix of a barbell, plates and body weight for this workout. Designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. Blast all major muscle groups in 30 minutes. LES MILLS GRIT Strength takes cutting-edge HIIT and combines it with motivational music.

GRIT Plyo – Using a bench, plate and body weight exercises, this workout is designed to make you perform like an athlete. GRIT Plyo combines explosive jumping exercises with agility training to increase explosiveness and build a lean, athletic body.

what are the key benefits of doing a grit class?

If you take part in 1-2 GRIT classes alongside your regular training, you should quickly see an increase in fitness and muscular endurance. You will unleash fast-twitch muscle fibres and grow lean muscle tissue. This will allow you to burn more fat. In a 30 minute class you can expect to burn around 350 calories. Not only that, your body will continue to burn fat hours after the workout is over.

what do I need to bring?

We provide all the equipment, all you need to do is show up and give it your best shot. It is recommended to wear suitable trainers and bring a water bottle. If you can, aim to make it in 5 minutes before the class to allow time for you to set up your bar/step etc.

when can I take part in these classes?

Head over to our classes page (link below) to find out when GRIT Virtual is on the timetable. Better still, head into the club and choose any GRIT class On Demand. We have 3 fitness studios offering both scheduled and On Demand virtual classes.

Class Timetable

What are you waiting for? Make your next class a virtual GRIT.

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