the misconceptions of weight training

You will look masculine and bulky

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about weight training. Many females will stick to cardio training as a way to lose weight as they feel if they weight train they will look masculine. This however is not possible as females do not have the same testosterone levels and genetics as males to make them look bulky or masculine. The truth is, that lifting weights actually burns fat and builds muscle, creating a more defined and toned shape. Some people will build muscle easier than others, but nowhere near body builders size or the size of men!

All women need special protein powder

Women do not need any different protein powder to men. When it comes to protein, it’s simple. There are no different ingredients used between protein and ‘female protein’. The difference between protein powders is only the amount of protein, carbs, fat, and calories in each scoop.

Olympic lifting is dangerous

If using the correct technique, weights are not dangerous. Yes you can injure yourself but this is due to not having the correct technique, and/or lifting weights that are too heavy for your capability. This is where the help of your instructors and personal trainers will come in to help on this.

Women shouldn’t have creatine

Creatine is vital for making and using energy. It is especially important for when we are exercising for a short period of time but at high intensities. This is made natural by the body, but when training multiple times a week and vigorously, creatine production in the body may not be enough and can be taken as a supplement.

Some benefits of weight training

Resistance training comes with many benefits such as;

  • Increased bone density, meaning bones are stronger and less likely to develop osteoporosis.
  • When done properly, increases strength in joints, ligaments, and connective tissue, improving performance, therefor decreasing chance of injury.
  • It increases metabolism
  • Creates lean muscle, giving the body shape and tone.
  • Increasing on strength makes everyday exercises and activities easier.
  • Limits or reduces the loss of lean muscle mass as we get older

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