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When it comes to weight-loss, many of us want a quick fix. However results will not last and are not always safe! With social media being big influence on this, it can be hard to know what is safe, genuine and will last whilst being safe. In this blog post we will be discussing some of the top fad diets.

Disclaimer- whilst we know everyone is different and various diets will work on different people, this information is going by research and any diets should be spoken about with a nutritionist/GP beforehand. Do your research before any dieting, keep it simple!

Detox Tea’s

Detox tea (also known as poo-tea) have been very popular over Instagram from influencers and reality stars. 2 cups of tea per day whilst claiming to help you lose weight, boost your metabolic rate and supress your appetite. Whilst this may help you lose weight and increase your metabolism, this is due to the ingredient Serra (laxative) irritating the lining of the bowels, therefor increasing your toilet trips, hence the nickname ‘poo tea’… These tea’s also change the balance of some chemicals in the blood, electrolytes being one of them. This can then cause function disorders, muscle weakness, liver damage and more.

If you want to increase your metabolism, drink more water, increase cardio and hiit training are just a few ways in which to help!

Juice/Liquid Diets

This again is known for being a quick fix diet whilst claiming to help ‘detox’ the liver. This diet is based on consuming different juiced fruit and vegetables, but only done so for 3-7 days (sometimes a longer period of time). Yes this will help you lose weight as you are in a calorie deficit (majorly) however there is no scientific evidence to confirm this to be a safe method. Your body is starved of essential nutrients such as fibre, protein and fats which are needed in order for the body t be able to function properly. Some side effects of this diet are headaches, fatigue, difficulty thinking, moodiness, stomach pain. Once you start eating properly again, the weight adds back on quickly.

Our bodies a already have a natural detox system- liver, kidneys, lungs, gut and skin, so there is no need for trying a liquid diet to ‘detox’ the body.

Baby Food Diet

In 2010 this diet became a trend after Jennifer Anniston admitted she was a fan of using this method to lose weight. The diet consists of replacing 2 meals with a jar of baby food. This is a low calorie diet, with jars containing no more than 100 calories. Again this is a quick fix diet and is not maintainable. We are not babies, we are adults and have different dietary requirements, hence why they have food specific for them! This is also an expensive diet and not the most appealing..

If you are worried about calories, cut down your portion size when cooking meals instead of having baby food as this will not provide adults the correct nutritional intake required to function.

The 5:2 Diet

This diet is known as intermittent fasting where you consume what you like for 5 days, and for the other 2 non-consecutive days the calorie intake severely drops to only having an intake of 25% of your total calories. Along with this diet comes many side effects such as difficulty sleeping, bad breath (I’m sure none of us want this issue), irritability and dehydration are just a few . Not to mention the hunger and less energy on those 2 fasting days!!

Instead of trying to limit calories on 2 days, spread the calories more evenly over the week to avoid starvation and the other side effects.


As you can see with all of these diets, the only reason they work is because they are in a calorie deficit. To lose weight we need to be in a calorie deficit, so instead of putting our selves through the torture of these fad diets, lessen your calorie intake compared to your energy expenditure and you’re winning! There is no need to put ourselves through these diets as I’m sure you can agree they can’t be enjoyable…

Keep it simple and balanced while enjoying the foods you love!!


Here are some things you can do yourself to improve your eating habits:

  • Increase water intake- not only will this fill you up, but sometimes we aren’t hungry but are thirsty instead!
  • When trying to cut down on portion size, use a smaller plate and fill this up- it will create the illusion of a full plate
  • Track your calories/macros through my fitness pal- this way you know exactly what you’re eating and how much
  • When it comes to carbohydrates try and replace white bread and pasta for whole wheat pasta, brown rice and brow bread. These are higher in fibre which aids the digestive system
  • Ensure you are having enough fruit and vegetables- especially at meal times, fill up your plate with veg, as this helps to fill you up and provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. And replace snacks for fruit and veg snacks like an apple instead of a chocolate bar
  • Cook your own meals instead of buying ready made meals as these can be high in salt, sugars and fats. By cooking your own food you have more control over what goes in the food and you know what you’re consuming
  • Write out a food plan for the week. This way you know what you’re having and when, therefor you can avoid you going off track and you have something to follow

Many of us will go on a night out and spend £100 and think it’s reasonable but when it comes to a food shop we think that’s expensive. Or spending 60 minutes in front of the TV is a short amount of time but won’t spare 60 minutes going to the gym.

Why not start making healthier choices and start looking after your body more. Spend that £100 you would on a night out on some PT sessions (we do 4 PT session for £80!!) and see the results. Or that £100 you would spend on a date night, why not spend it on a decent food shop!

Did you know that with personal training at Banks O Dee we give you a food plan to follow and give you nutritional advice alongside personal training. We give you your own personal macro’s, however if you would like more of a focus on nutrition we offer nutrition packages as well with our nutrition coaches!

Get in touch with us today and make healthier choices to improve your outlook on fitness and nutrition for the better!!

Remember weight loss happens with time and consistency is key!!


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