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Find out why the SKILLMILL should be involved in your workout

What is a SKILLMILL and what makes it superior to a regular treadmill?

Unlike a regular treadmill the TECHNOGYM SKILLMILL is a non-motorized, curved piece of equipment. This means the belt of the SKILLMILL only moves when you move.

Benefits of the SKILLMILL

  • Due to the unique curve this means it will allow you to have a natural running style (on the balls of the feet and driving with the knee).
  • Injuries will also be prevented as it reduces stress on the working joints and improving performance.
  • More muscle groups are worked compared to a regular treadmill as the curve allows for the posterior chain of the body to be engaged (lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves).
  • The average calorie expenditure is 30%-40% more on the SKILLMILL than the treadmill
  • Can be used in group workouts or by yourself
  • Interval training such as sprints can be more time effective as there is no need to wait for the treadmill to speed up and slow down as this is controlled by YOU
  • This piece of equipment is multi purpose that can be used for not only running but, speed, agility, power and stamina. Here’s how:


This can be done through continuous exercise, whether it be walking or running or a combination of both to improve anaerobic and aerobic fitness .


The SKILLMILL can also be used to improve power through using the handles to reflect a sledge push, straight and bent arm push and side pushes using the high resistance on the power belt.


This can be to improve coordination and movement by doing single leg exercises, practicing grapevines, two-feet in and out. All of these useful to football, rugby, hockey, basketball, badminton and many others.


The SKILLMILL is made easier for interval and speed training compared to a regular treadmill as it allows you to accelerate, speed up, slow down, from walking to running in a short space of time. This is useful for those who have to do this regularly in sport

Why not give the SKILLMILL a try the next time you’re in the gym! Ask one of our instructors for advice/be shown how to use.

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