Nutrition Complete Testimonial May 2017

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Wow would you look at those results!! Jack has lost a massive 26.5lbs in 12 weeks with our Nutrition Complete plan and his hard work!!!! Read on for Jack’s story.

Jack says:

“I joined Banks O’ Dee gym a couple of years ago and although I’d made some slow progress myself I needed more help to lose some of my stubborn body fat. I had a consultation with Jenny and I decided to go for the 8-week online nutrition plan.

I was provided with a meal plan at the beginning with the types of food that I enjoy. As part of the plan I submitted weekly updates with body measurements and how I was coping with the meals. The biggest thing for me was the weekly weigh-ins. There was nowhere to hide, Jenny, provided the accountability which really helped me to lose the body fat.

I was pleased with my results at the end of the 8 weeks and continued the plan for a further 4 weeks, right up until the week of my wedding.

Over the 12 weeks I lost 12kg. I am delighted with this and the compliments from my friends and those around me have given me confidence I had lost.

The process is one that I enjoyed and, with the help and support whenever I needed it from Jenny. If anyone is looking for support during their weight-loss, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

I managed to learn a lot about nutrition at the same time and will use this as much as I can. I plan to maintain what I have achieved so far and improve wherever possible.”
Jenny says:

“Jack put in 100% effort and followed the plan to a T, he even managed to go out with friends to social events throughout the 12 weeks and still lose a huge 12kg! He was a great client to work with and I am extremely proud of what he has achieved! Keep it up:)”

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