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After your workout, reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation and improve general well-being with our sauna and steam room. The sauna and steam room also come with health benefits. Both produce a heat, with sauna being a dry heat from stones, and the steam room is a moist heat caused using a generator filled with boiling water. Both work in a similar way, it’s a matter of preference. Continue reading to find out the benefits!!


  • Increased Circulation– Due to the heat of the sauna it causes the heart rate to increase and beat faster. This causes blood vessels to widen, therefor letting blood flow freely around the body.
  • Flushes toxins out the body– not many people will sweat on a daily basis as there jobs are sedentary. When you don’t get to move about, it can be harder to sweat. One of the best ways to flush toxins from the body is to sweat- so get moving!!
  • Relieves stress– When you go in the sauna, no phones are usually taken in, so this allows you to disconnect from the world for a period of time.
  • Releases endorphins- Due to the increased heart rate as mentioned before, this cause endorphins to be released and move around the body. These are known as the ‘feel good’ hormones and chemicals, which contribute to feeling relaxed and happier.
  • Social time- if you chose to go in the sauna with your friend, this is a good way to socialize you both get the same health benefits.


  • Improved circulation- Similar to the sauna, the steam room improves circulation. A study in older individuals showed that moist heat improved circulation in extremities. This will in time lead to reduced blood pressure and a healthier heart. It can also promote heeling in broken scar tissue.
  • lower blood pressure- A release of the hormone aldosterone which causes a change in heart rate.
  • Reduced stress-the steam room will cause a decreased production of cortisol. When we have too much cortisol in the body this is what causes stress, therefor using the steam room will cause these productions to drop and become more relaxed, improving the mind and focus.
  • Clears congestion- the heat from the steam warms mucous membranes and encourage deep breathing, resulting in a break up of congestion inside the sinuses and lungs. It can also treat the cold and flu. However do not use if you already have a fever!
  • Promotes healthy skin– Toxins often get trapped under the skin with dirt and dead skin. The warm condensation opens the pores and allows the skin to clear and become even.
  • Workout recovery-The heat penetrates deep in to the muscle tissue, relieving DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Moist heat aids this more than a dry heat (sauna).


Be careful and safe when using a sauna or steam room. Stick to the advice given and only stay in the sauna or steam room for the recommended time given.

Those who are U16 shouldn’t from using the sauna and steam room and also ladies who are pregnant are also permitted from use.

Even though you are sweating this does not mean losing weight. You will lose water weight however this is not a form of weight loss.

Apart from that, RELAX and enjoy


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